Champion Dog Training
Helping your dog understand you​​

EVERY dog can be a great dog!

Understanding and Trust

Your dog needs to understand what you want, and he needs to have complete trust in you.

We can teach you how to create both of these with patience and consistency.​
What's important to you?
Are you ready to teach some fun tricks, or are you frustrated by some behavior your dog is doing? Or maybe you have a new puppy and you aren't sure where to start.

We have over 25 years of combined experience with training dogs, and teaching their owners. Your relationship with your dog should be, and can be, whatever you want. 

Call us today, and let us show you how.
  1. Experience
    Our training history began back in 1986. Starting with training our own dogs at home, our passion led us to fostering dogs for our local shelter. Boy did we learn a lot about training different breeds then. Today, we love continuing our work, helping people reclaim their relationships with their dogs, creating peace for dog lovers everywhere.
  2. Dedication to Success
    Our passion is surpassed only by our dedication to success. We love dogs, and we understand how they think. Every dog is treated with respect and love. In every dog, we see the potential for greatness, and we are dedicated to bringing fullness to their lives through a greater understanding of what their owners want them to do.
What Our Clients Have to Say
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    Robin Shepherd
    Robin Shepherd
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    Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor